1. WATCH: Little Boy Just Wants to Dance; Denies Jealous Girl

    This little boy has ALL the right moves.

    April 16, 2014
  2. WATCH: All the ‘Action Movie Kid’ Videos by DreamWorks Animator Dad

    Daniel Hashimoto is a Dreamworks animator who doesn’t mind taking his work home with him. Check out these amazing movies he made with his 3-year-old James.

    April 11, 2014
  3. WATCH: Father Records Every Saturday Morning With Daughter for 3 Months

    For 3 months, Vine-user bottlerocket13 recorded his Saturday mornings with his young daughter. Watch the hilarious Vine compilation featuring Barbies, “Frozen”, and lots of pink.

    April 7, 2014
  4. PHOTO: This Kid Will Go Far in Life

    A teacher’s “Fill in the Solutions” sheet met its match with an elementary schooler who has a very pragmatic view on life.

    April 2, 2014
  5. Top 5 Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

    Here are some great apps for educating and entertaining toddlers.

    March 21, 2014
  6. ‘How to Poop’: Kindergardener Writes & Illustrates Funny Instructional Book

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    March 19, 2014
  7. Sh*t Dads Say: Father Illustrates Weird Things He Has Said Because of His Kids

    You say some pretty weird stuff when you’re a parent.

    February 20, 2014
  8. Robot Turtles Educational Toy: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Robot Turtles is a board game that teaches kids as young as 3 how to code. It’s gonna be on everyone’s holiday wish list this year.

    February 20, 2014
  9. ‘I Like When Mommy Cries’ & 10 Other Cringey ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ Quotes

    I think we’re all to blame for this, America.

    January 9, 2014
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  13. Kid Fail GIFs: 40 Hilarious GIFs of Children Getting (Mildly) Injured

    Spacial awareness ain’t a strong suit when you’re 2 going on 3.

    October 22, 2013
  14. Late Pass: Reddit User’s School’s Excuses Seem Legit

    Reddit-user MrFort posted that his school now allows customizable reasons on the school’s late passes. Of course this was instantly, hilariously abused by the student body.

    July 24, 2013