Charlie Brown

  1. Voice of Charlie Brown Arrested for ‘Threat to Cause Death or Bodily Harm’

    Good ol’ Charlie Brown is allegedly a bad old man.

    January 23, 2013
  2. WATCH: Charlie Brown Comes Out of the Closet

    Peppermint Patty will finally have somebody else to march with her in the parade.

    October 12, 2012
  3. Peanuts Just Got Effin’ Real

    Charlie Brown is pretty much the epitome of a square, but that was back in the day. Today’s Peanuts gang is all about cutting edge social issues like occupy Wall St and same-sex rights. Sadly, the little red headed girl still isn’t putting out.

    October 25, 2011
  4. Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

    The gang attends St. Valentine’s Day festivities at school; a bonus cartoon is A Charlie Brown Valentine.

    February 14, 2011