1. Kevin Canevari: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Wait, Kevin Canevari is not a professional dancer?

    March 21, 2014
  2. WATCH: Mercer’s Kevin Canevari Dancing the Nae Nae After Mercer Beats Duke

    Kevin Canevari is speaking for everyone with his actions, everyone who doesn’t go to Duke that is.

    March 21, 2014
  3. Bob Hoffman, the Duke Destroyer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Bob Hoffman is the head coach of Mercer’s Cindarella Bears basketball team who defeated Duke.

    March 21, 2014
  4. PHOTOS: Mercer Beats Duke in Major March Madness Upset

    Re-live Mercer’s dramatic March Madness upset of Duke.

    March 21, 2014
  5. Daniel Coursey: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Daniel Coursey is Mercer’s 6-10 forward who starred in the team’s amazing game against Duke.

    March 21, 2014
  6. Vee Sanford: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    ESPN says 80% of people who use their brackets had Ohio to win.

    March 20, 2014
  7. Tyler Lewis: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Tyler Lewis along with TJ Warren sent NC State in the 64 team March Madness draw with a 74-59 win over Xavier. Lewis had one turnover and seven assists.

    March 19, 2014
  8. Boston University Basketball Coach Accused of Bullying: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Greenberg is accused of bullying players to the extent that they quit the team and, in some cases, the school.

    March 11, 2014
  9. March Madness Betting 2014: The Odds You Need to Know

    Looking to line your pockets during the 2014 NCAA Basketball Championship, then step this way…

    March 5, 2014
  10. March Madness Schedule 2014: The Dates You Need to Know

    Here are the dates, locations and venues for every round of NCAA tournament which begins on March 16 with Selection Sunday.

    March 4, 2014
  11. WATCH: Jim Boeheim Freaks Out, Gets Ejected vs. Duke

    Jim Boeheim was ejected at the end of Syracuse’s 66-60 loss to Duke on Saturday night.

    February 22, 2014
  12. WATCH: Charles Barkley Interviews Barack Obama

    Charles Barkley conducted an interview with Barack Obama, which the nation saw before Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game. Watch it here.

    February 16, 2014
  13. NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2014: Full Recap & Highlights

    John Wall was named “Dunker of the Night” at the 2014 NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest in New Orleans.

    February 15, 2014