Carter Reynolds: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Published:1:19 pm EDT, January 6, 2014| Updated:1:32 pm EDT, January 6, 2014|

Carter Reynolds

Carter Reynolds is the Justin Bieber of six-second iPhone videos. A few days ago, Carter decided it was time he got himself 200,000 Twitter followers. As of this writing, Carter has 194,806, and #CarterTo200k is one of the top Twitter terms in the United States.

Here's what you need to know about this prodigy of self-promotion:

1. He Has 1.2 Million Vine Followers

But he's still got self-image issues.

2. He's on a Meet 'N' Greet Tour of the U.S.

The MagCon Tour brings teenage Internet celebrities to their fans by organizing mini-conventions in cities across the country. Reynolds is presently touring with other Vine celebrities, the Grier Brothers. Their next stop is Nashville on January 17-19.

3. He's Been the Inspiration for Erotic Fan-Fiction

A girl can dream. And two girls on Wattpad have taken that prerogative, writing a tale of forbidden love between Carter and one of his adoring coquettes:

Carter Reynolds, CarterTo200k

The steamy narrative can be read here.

4. He Goes to Jimmy C. Draughn High School

According to his Facebook, Carter attends Jimmy C. Draughn High School in Valdese, North Carolina.

5. He Hates School!

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