Best Christmas Presents for Girls 2013: Top 10 Gifts for Gals

Published:3:03 pm EDT, December 12, 2013| Updated:3:03 pm EDT, December 12, 2013|

Here's 10 varied presents for the ladies this Xmas 2013. From beauty, comfort and kitchen, to pampering galore. These gifts will bring the Christmas joy.

1. Burt's Bees Tips and Toes Kit - $10.39

Burt's Bees makes legendary care product. This kit will keep any gal's cuticles content.

2. Sephora Gift Card - Name Your Price

Sephora is the Apple of make-up, or something like that. Everyone loves this high class make-up mart.

3. Spa in a Basket - $59.95

Bathing products are just a plain great idea. Nothing like a bubble bath!

4. Aloha Island Kona and Kona Blend Coffee Gifts for Christmas -$48.96

Premium coffee is a girl's best friend on cold December mornings.

5. Aromatherapy Top 6 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Basic Sampler - $25.65

Aromatherapy is basically nice candles on a higher, therapeutic level. Everyone likes them, but only women have the guts to admit it.

6. Nora Ephron Books - $10.92

Nora Ephron is a hilarious comedian known for her work that is gal-oriented. This is one of her most famous books.

7. Bamboo Gift Basket - $49.95

These basket is characterized as "spicy" and "warm," what's not to like?

8. Jewelry Holder - $8.59

Practical and convenient, this jewelry holder is perfect for the burgeoning jewelry enthusiast.

9. Cooking Omni-tool Can Cut, Work as a Spoon Spatula, Etc - $7.99

A bit drab and practical, but this thing comes in handy for any girl who likes to cook.

10. Happy Man Bottle Stopper - $8.31

Silly and offensive, but this one is great for a quick laugh.

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