The 5 Funniest YouTube Videos You Need to See Today — 10.16.13

Published:6:39 pm EDT, October 16, 2013| Updated:8:53 pm EDT, October 16, 2013|

Every day of the week, self-described "YouTube Expert" Danny Vega, picks the 5 Funniest Videos You Need to See Today. Be sure to email him (danny at heavy dot com) if you have any funny videos or a funny channel you would like to be considered.

5. Scary Snowman Prank by The Scary Snowman

Prank videos are a dime a dozen on YouTube, but the scare level and variety of reactions put this one over the top.

4.Kimmel Clip Stars Funniest Troll Brother Ever

That kid is the funniest awful brother alive. I just wish the clip were longer.

3. Baby Bargains Like the Tea Party by College Humor

College Humor delivers the political criticism in this great map of the Republican Party onto an obnoxious child.

2. Quality Time 2 by El Cid

Bizarre, surreal, and a big ending — it's a bit absurdist, but this one caught me off guard.

1. Applying Film Theory to their Home Movie by RamseyBrosPictures

Conceptually similar to a classic Key and Peele sketch, but the dynamic between the brothers and petty argumentation puts this one into uncharted hilarious territory. Brilliant.

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