Norwegian Weirdos Behind ‘What the Fox Say’ Unleash More Absurdity With ‘Massachusetts’

Published:6:18 pm EDT, October 22, 2013| Updated:6:54 pm EDT, October 22, 2013|

Ylvis, makers of the viral YouTube megahit "The Fox" (aka "What the Fox Say!"), have unleashed a new gem of ridiculousness exalting their favorite place on Earth: Massachusetts.

Warning: Unlike "The Fox," this one's not appropriate for children. Skip to 3:46 to see what we mean, or just check the subtitles:


new ylvis song mass

ylvis massachussetts new what the fox say

ylvis massachussetts6

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 6.30.37 PM

ylvis massachussetts 2

ylvis massachussetts

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