The 5 Funniest YouTube Videos You Need to See Today — 10.24.13

Published:5:23 pm EDT, October 24, 2013| Updated:5:23 pm EDT, October 24, 2013|

Every day of the week, self-described "YouTube Expert" Danny Vega, picks the 5 Funniest Videos You Need to See Today. Be sure to email him (danny at heavy dot com) if you have any funny videos or a funny channel you would like to be added to the vast list of subscriptions.

5. Cell Phone Interrupts Violist, He Turns It Around via ICproductions2020

A classic Nokia tone interrupts a violist and he improvises his way to serendipitous gold. Funny and satisfying work in this classic clip.

4.Toasty the Helpful Toast by AndysSandbox

Toasty is a friendly piece of toast that just wants to help, but when the kids start to annoy him, Toasty changes his tone substantially. Be sure to check AndysSandbox YouTube, he only has 13 subscribers and is obviously extremely talented.

3. Twerk or Treat by Animation Domination

Vibrant and aggressive animation of a pretty stupid situation: the twerk teams attempts to twerk or treat at granny's house. It's thoroughly stupid, but the caricature and sound is so well done, it's hard not to laugh at, plus the reveal at the end, again very stupid, made me giddy. Look, this is pretty dumb, but I think it'll leave even the solemn among us a bit giggly.

2. Cat Absolutely Terrifies Dog by Ida H

It's a pet video so don't expect witty brilliance, but this dog's reaction is just so unexpected. Hilarious and simple enough for anyone to appreciate — even if it's not really comedy.

1. Key & Peele: Insult Comic by Comedy Central

Ok, I put a question mark after offensive because the sketch is about being offensive which in turn, in my view, makes it not offensive. Still, I'm not here to make anyone upset — point being, this sketch is hilarious and DEEPLY uncomfortable. It's got great acting, it's makes fun of hacky insult comics who all tell the same 11 or so jokes, and then woop, bump, ba-boom, flips the whole thing on its head with the burn victim. I don't want to go too deep into this, but I think there is something to be said about the juxtaposition. I mean this sketch is really about insult comedy in general and how it's vacuous and stupid, and even if people think they want it, they really don't. Because it's crap. Look, I'm not saying that's the message, but I think it is, and this is funny. Would it be funny if you're a burn victim? Well...

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