WATCH: Jetsurf, a Motorized Surfboard That Goes Almost 40 Miles an Hour

Published:2:01 pm EDT, September 25, 2013| Updated:2:16 pm EDT, September 25, 2013|

The biggest problem with surfing is the fact that it's a lot of paddling, waiting, and being in the right, all to catch that one special wave. IF you're just learning, you might even get on the wave, and then fall off because your balance isn't tight enough. That's where Jetsurf comes in. It eliminates all of the painful parts of surfing and gets you right to where you want to be, going 35+ MPH on water, and easily getting to those waves you'll wanna hit, bra.

In any case, you'll still have to balance, but this is a huge advancement for recreational surfers, though I'm guessing pros will stick to doing it the normal way, as they should. Let's hope this gets to market at a reasonable rate, and is as good as this video makes it seem. Until then, check it out.

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