The 5 Funniest YouTube Videos You Need to See Today — 8.19.13

Published:7:28 pm EDT, August 19, 2013| Updated:7:38 pm EDT, October 9, 2013|

Another day, another slew of wanna-be hilarious YouTube videos. In this daily series, we sort the funny from the not-so-funny and provide you with the chuckles, yucks, and general lols you want in these videos you need to see. Why? Because it's fun. And the Internet can be a good time, as long as you don't fall into the "weird part of YouTube."

5. Cat Makes Bizarre Noise as it Eats Sour Cream

Um, what are you saying, bro?

4.Grumpy Cat Makes Newscaster Lose His Mind With Laughter

You go from laughing with him, to laughing at him.

3. The Frasier Prank That Would Get People Arrested These Days

The NSA does not approve of this video.

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2. Old Nascar Driver Rides Crazy Australian Track

Some of the things he says are borderline poetry.

1. Wherein One Learns That There Are White Jamaicans

This goes against so much cultural conditioning and is funny completely because of how unexpected it is. Hard to watch this and not take something away from it regarding our assumptions about other cultures.

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