The 20 Awesomest Bongs That Would Make Bob Marley Jealous

Published:9:00 am EDT, April 17, 2013| Updated:9:41 am EDT, April 22, 2013|

20, awesomest, bongs

Marijuana's national holiday is almost here so we though we'd round up 20 of the awesomest bongs and bowls ever created. If MacGyver started hanging out with Snoop Dogg, these ganja-fied marvels of engineering would be the result...

20. Super High Mario
420, cool, bongs

Now all we need are some mushrooms.

19. Hipster Pipe
420, cool, bongs

Funny thing is, most hipsters already have mustaches so: double 'stash!

18. Cat in a Pipe
420, cool, bongs

Dr. Seuss probably used this while writing.

17. Old School
420, cool, bongs

No need to blow on this game cartridge—just inhale.

16. Happiest Buddha
420, cool, bongs

Now we know why Buddha was so enlightened.

15. One Time, At Band Camp...
420, cool, bongs

...We got really high out of a clarinet.

14. Gotta Smoke 'Em All!!!
420, cool, bongs

Koffing gets you higher.

13. Rock 'n' Smoke
420, cool, bongs

For our more enlightened instrumentalists.

12. Butthole Smoker
420, cool, bongs

This is one piece you hide from the GF.

11. Legomania
420, cool, bongs

Best part is, it's easy to disassemble.

10. Smoker Surfacer
420, cool, bongs

For those lazy pool days.

9. Bart Smokeson
420, cool, bongs

D'oh!!! Let's get high.

8. Smokeda
420, cool, bongs

The smoke is strong in you.

7. Nintendo 420
420, cool, bongs

I'm down for a game of Mario Kart after.

6. Gun Smoke
420, cool, bongs" />

Shotgun and loaded.

5. Alien Highduction
420, cool, bongs

Hoping for no chestbursters.

4. Honeyhigh
420, cool, bongs

Who doesn't like to get their fingers sticky?

3. Classic Apple
420, cool, bongs

A cool take on an classic route to enlightenment.

2. Orange You Glad?
420, cool, bongs

Expect a distinct citrus smoke.

1. Rock Out
420, cool, bongs

A real electric guitar that does its double duty.

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