20 Things You Won’t Miss About Winter

Published:5:37 pm EDT, March 20, 2013| Updated:5:40 pm EDT, March 20, 2013|

Spring starts
It's officially spring now! The Vernal Equinox today signifies the end of winter. Rejoice in the fact that you no longer have to deal with these wintry nuisances.

Driving in the snow
Driving in the snow.

Slippers in winter
Wearing slippers out of necessity.

Wearing layers
Dressing in layers. Each morning is no longer a strategy meeting with yourself based on actual outdoor temperature and potential indoor temperature.

Runny nose in winter
Blowing your constantly runny nose.

Dry winter skin
Applying lotion and lip balm every ten minutes. You never look this happy during the war against dry skin.

Shocking yourself on a door knob
Shocking yourself on a door knob.

Warmth from cat
Trying to convince your apathetic cat to sit on you. Please share your furry warmth, cat.

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Bad Hot Chocolate
Drinking terrible hot chocolate. No more attempting to buy relief from the cold in the form of hot brown water.

Shoveling snow in winter
Shoveling. So much shoveling.

Going into stores for warmth
Ducking into stores for a moment of warmth and pretending to be interested in whatever they're selling.

Wearing winter jackets
Wearing encumbering jackets.

Brown Dirty Snow
Watching the sparkling white snow turn into a brown sludge.

People in warm climates
Listening to friends in warm climates brag about their beautiful weather. Shut up, friends.

Warm climates
Fantasizing about moving to warm places.

Seeing your breath in winter
Seeing your own breath.

Falling on Ice
Slipping on ice, injuring body and pride.

Dressing for winter
Covering up from head to toe. It's been forever since your arms and legs felt direct sunlight.

Winter Hat Hair
Rocking some pretty bad hat hair. (When you don't look like Jessica Biel.)

Complaining about the cold
Listening to people complain about how cold it is.

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Terrible winter weather
Wishing it weren't winter anymore.

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