Mars Panorama Creates Breathtaking Street View-Like Image

Published:1:01 am EDT, March 29, 2013| Updated:2:29 am EDT, March 29, 2013|

Mars Panorama

A panoramic image of Mars, created by a photographer named Andrew Bodrov, gives a breathtaking Street-View like experience on the surface of the red planet. Check it out:

Hit FULLSCREEN to get the total experience.

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The panorama is made up of 407 photos taken by the Curiosity rover that were meticulously pieced together to produce the remarkable 4-gigapixel 360-degree interactive image. The photos used in the making of the panorama were taken over the course of 13 Mars days, which are about a half hour longer than each Earth day.

The fact that a picture so detailed comes from over 30 million miles away is mind-boggling enough, but the panoramic view of the site makes you feel like you are actually standing on Mars.

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