WATCH: Cat Defies the Odds and Gets Around With Only Two Legs

Published:12:43 pm EDT, February 11, 2013| Updated:12:47 pm EDT, February 11, 2013|

Cats have a reputation for always landing on their feet, but normally that involves four paws. Caffrey, a black persian gets around with only two legs on his left side. The handsome feline lost one of his legs 10 years ago after being run over by a car and the second leg from complications resulting from the accident.

The surgical operations to help Caffrey were pricey, costing Caffey's owner Sue Greaves over £7,000, but he's made a stellar recovery. This cat may be two lives short of his nine, but has prevailed and gets around like a champ.

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cat with two legs

caffrey the 2 legged cat

Via Daily Mail

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