Liberal Eavesdropper Live-Tweets Ex-CIA Chief’s Secret Obama Bashing

Published:9:35 am EDT, October 25, 2013| Updated:9:35 am EDT, October 25, 2013|
Tom Matzzie

@Tommatzzie (Twitter)

Thursday evening at around 4 p.m. former organizer Tom Matzzie noticed someone familiar sitting near by on his train from Washington D.C. to New York City: Ex-CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden.

Matzzie started live tweeting what Hayden was doing, including giving "off-the-record" interviews where he bashed the Obama administration.

Matzzie also had some hilarious comments that made his feelings about the ex-spymaster more than clear:

But eventually, someone from Hayden's staff called him to warn him about the hilarious man tweeting all of his private conversations and, "the jig was up." Hayden approached Matzzie and was reportedly very friendly and even offered him an interview and took a picture with him.

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