Google Doodle Celebrates the Man Who Gave Us Sky Diving: André-Jacques Garnerin

Published:2:49 am EDT, October 22, 2013| Updated:2:53 am EDT, October 22, 2013|
André Garnerin Parachute Google Doodle Parachute First Jump


If there's one thing we can all agree upon is that we love a good Google Doodle, and thankfully, we have a new one for October 22. Today's one celebrates André-Jacques Garnerin, the first man to make a successful parachute jump, something he did way back when on this day in 1797.

The Guardian reports, that after Garnerin endured a rough landing on his first jump, he:

...went on to perform numerous more balloon flights and parachute jumps before dying in a distinctly earthbound way – killed instantly by a falling beam in 1823 on a construction site where he was building his next balloon.

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