Virginia Commonwealth University Warning 300 Students May Have TB

Published:4:43 pm EDT, September 24, 2013| Updated:4:53 pm EDT, February 21, 2014|
Virginia Commonwealth University Tuberculosis Warning, VCU TB 300 Students Warning.


A disturbing warning coming out of Virginia Commonwealth University where 300 students are about to notified that they may have been exposed to tuberculosis, according to the school's official site.

The warning on the site indicates that the notification is being done "out of an abundance of caution." The warning further reads:

The Virginia Department of Health TB Control and Prevention Program has determined that the extent of exposure is considered insignificant for these students to be considered at risk, however, screening is being offered to them through VCU Student Health.

VCU is working with local and state public health officials — and in concert with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines — for investigation of persons potentially exposed to TB. Only those people who received notification need to be concerned about screening.

Tuberculosis kills two million people every year, primarily in Asia and Africa, reports Medical News Today. The site reports TB causes pneumonia which affects bacteria levels in the lungs. Those infected will cough up blood and the lymph nodes near the heart will become enlarged. If the body's immune system cannot fight the disease there is a risk of long-term damage to all major organs as while as the spinal cord and brain.

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