Snowden and Aaron Alexis Were Vetted By the Same Company

Published:6:30 pm EDT, September 19, 2013| Updated:6:30 pm EDT, September 19, 2013|

edward snowden background check

Bloomberg has released a report that the same contractor hired to vet NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden also did a background check on Aaron Alexis.

USIS background checks

Bloomberg reports that in 2007, USIS did a background check of Aaron Alexis. The would not comment on the findings of the background check but Alexis was granted the secret level clearance that allowed him to get into the U.S. Navy Yard and kill 12 people.

Likewise, USIS fully vetted Edward Snowden before he was given access to secret National Security Agency data.

Bloomberg points out that the company was paid $253 million to conduct background checks for the federal government.

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