FAA Investigating In-Flight Harlem Shake Video

Published:4:09 am EDT, March 1, 2013| Updated:4:35 am EDT, March 1, 2013|

From underwater to 35,000 feet above ground, Youtube's infectious Harlem Shake videos are spreading like wildfire. The internet dance video was recently recorded by Colorado College's ultimate Frisbee team on Frontier Airlines in the middle of a flight with a cabin full of passengers. Check it out:

Insane, right? Well, the Federal Aviation Administration came across the video and is currently investigating it because of safety concerns, reports the Los Angeles Times. Meanwhile, fellow airline pilots and flight attendants say the stunt poses serious safety and security problems.

"It's ridiculous," Jim Tilmon, a retired 29-year airline pilot said. "A commercial airplane in flight... is not a dance hall, it's not an entertainment stage, it's not any of those things."

FAA spokesman Allen Kenitzer that they are looking at what phase the flight was in during the filming of the video, but a rep for Frontier Airlines says "all safety measures were followed and the seat belt sign was off."

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The Colorado College frisbee team was on its way to San Diego for its first tournament of the season. Team member Matt Zelin said he and his teammates made sure all precautions taken before filing the dance.

"We wanted to make sure that we followed every regulation and that nothing went wrong, and that it was OK with (the airplane crew)," Zelin said. "We just figured being on a plane, you know, you need to make sure everything is safe, and we just talked to flight attendants and they were excited."

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