Alexis Wright Collected Welfare While Hiding 6 Figures in Sex Cash: Documents

Published:7:49 pm EDT, October 17, 2012| Updated:12:58 pm EDT, October 18, 2012|

alexis wright welfare

While Alexis Wright was allegedly banging more than 100 johns on her way to a six-figure income, the central figure in the Zumba Whorehouse Scandal was also screwing taxpayers — collecting thousands in government assistance.

It is alleged, through court documents, that their prostitution business venture brought them in $150,000 over the past 18 months. Despite this, public records demonstrate that Wright was claiming government benefits while declaring she made $6,000 a year.

Court documents show that the operation that Wright and Strong partnered in was allegedly set up to allow Wright have sex with clients while Strong (a private investigator) videotaped the encounters. The official wording in the documents is that Strong aided Wright in "controlling, managing, supervising, or otherwise operating" the enterprise.

From her Zumba Dance Studio on York Street, Kennebunk, Maine, it is alleged that Alexis Wright operated a one-woman brothel for over a year and a half. Wright is charged with 106 counts that include prostitution and tax evasion while Strong faces 59 counts including promotion of prostitution and violation of privacy.

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