Teen Buys Bottle of Mountain Dew Filled with Whiskey

Published:5:04 pm EDT, October 22, 2012| Updated:5:05 pm EDT, October 22, 2012|

Talk about picking your poison.

A 13-year-old boy in Washington State wanted to fill his body with one deadly substance — Mountain Dew — but the bottle of soda he bought at the store was filled with another kind of toxic waste: whiskey!

Mom Marie Grant is furious that her son, 13-year-old Marcus Olson, ended up swigging the hooch disguised as soda. She says the bottle was sealed and looked completely legit, and she wants answers.

Marcus' parents contacted Pepsi's human resources department but have been getting the runaround. The company gave the family some coupons — just what they want, more soda — and declared it is not liable for what has occurred.

According to King 5, the family received a letter from Pepsi declaring that this is a vendor issue.

The parents are concerned that this could happen with children in the local neighborhood if stores aren't careful with their supply.

washington teen drinks mountain dew

As for their son, he won't be buying Mountain Dew anytime soon.

It could have been worse, kid. The most logical substance to switch out for the Dew would have been the liquid it most resembles: piss.

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