Man Shoots & Kills His 15-Year-Old Son, Mistaking Him for Masked Intruder

Published:11:07 am EDT, September 28, 2012| Updated:11:55 am EDT, September 28, 2012|

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In a tragedy worthy of Shakespeare, a man killed his own son in a hail of gunfire yesterday after mistaking the boy for an intruder.

Jeffrey Giuliano, a fifth-grade teacher in New Fairfield, Connecticut, gunned down what appeared to be an armed robber breaking into his sister's house. But the ski-masked criminal was his adopted 15-year-old son, Tyler.

Neighbor Lydia Gibbs said she heard nine shots being fired. Nine shots.

The Miami Herald reports the incident took place at 1 a.m., when Jeffrey received a call from his frightened sister. She heard an intruder lurking outside of her home. Jeffrey quickly responded and headed to his sister's house with a loaded gun. When he arrived he found the masked intruder trying to get through her window.

Police reports say Tyler lunged at Jeffrey with a "shiny object."

When police arrived, they found Tyler on in the driveway with gunshot wounds and Jeffrey sitting down in the grass. A former student of Jeffrey's named Robbie says everybody liked Jeffrey, and Tyler seemed like a happy kid. Jeffrey adopted Tyler when he learned his grandmother had passed away.

The father is not being charged with murder as the investigation is ongoing and an autopsy is pending.

Fellow students from Tyler's high school and the local community of Fairfield continue to give their remorse over Tyler's death.

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