LSU Bomb Threat & Evacuation: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Published:2:03 pm EDT, September 17, 2012| Updated:4:54 pm EDT, September 19, 2012|


lsu bomb threat evacuation

The Louisiana State University campus is being evacuated after the latest bomb threat to hit a U.S. college campus. The school has some 30,000 students and employees. Here's what we know.

1. The Threat Came at 10:32 Local Time

A call was received at the East Baton Rouge Parish 911 office. Students were notified via the school website, text message and Twitter.

2. Traffic Gridlock is Slowing the Evacuation
lsu bomb threat evacuation traffic
This photo (above) tweeted by @AggiAshagre shows cars lining up to (unsuccessfully) follow the evacuation order. Another student described the logistics issue:

3. The Mascot Was Evacuated First
LSU evacuated the tiger first

Mike the Tiger is LSU's real-live Bengal mascot. He has his own habitat and his own website.

4. A SWAT Team is on Campus to Assist in the Evacuations

Louisiana State Police Bomb technicians also are on-scene.

5. LSU Just Dealt with A Major Disaster

Just weeks ago Hurricane Isaac came through and walloped the Baton Rouge campus.

6. Nearby Bars are Running Bomb-Threat Specials
lsu bomb threat drink special

7. Classes Have Been Canceled
lsu bomb threat evacuated

8. More Importantly, A Press Conference with the Football Coach Was Called Off
lsu bomb threat football press conference
Football is king at LSU. The team just climbed to No. 2 behind Alabama in the AP college football poll. LSU lost to Alabama in last year's Bowl Championship Series title game.

9. No Additional Information Has Been Released Regarding the Nature of the Threat

10. There's Been A Rash of These
lsu bomb threat evacuation
This threat follows bomb-threat campus evacuations last Friday at University of Texas at Austin, North Dakota State in Fargo, and Hiram College in Ohio. Friday's threat at UT Austin claimed to be from al-Qaeda. Louisiana cops are comparing notes with their colleagues in the other three states.

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