Here’s Mark Zuckerberg Half-Naked with Nerd Buddies in Weird Leaked Photo

Published:12:58 pm EDT, August 10, 2012| Updated:1:02 pm EDT, August 10, 2012|

mark zuckerberg shirtless topless no shirt naked

Somehow this picture of Mark Zuckerberg half-naked with a bunch of other half-naked nerds made its way onto He's like a tiny, nerdy, billionaire David Hasselhoff!

Now we're saying he's half-naked, but we can't see below the belt so who knows? There could be a little Zuck dangling down there.

And what the hell is happening with those women in the background? We're getting a Colonial Williamsburg kinda vibe — but with naked men.

The caption says the pic was accidentally posted by Facebook Director of Engineering Andrew Bosworth (far right in photo).

Via TMZ.

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