Slurpees and Fur Coats in the ‘Thrift Shop’ of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Published:6:16 pm EDT, August 30, 2012| Updated:6:20 pm EDT, August 31, 2012|

The rapping kinda sucked at first, but by the second verse we were diggin' it. Not to mention the video is damn entertaining purely for the sheer ridiculousness of it all. When's the last time you had a music video with a Delorean, JFK velvet painting, and lip syncing fat girls?

It's nice to see a hip-hop video that doesn't take place in the club and isn't all about the bling (mostly for lack of cash). Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are about to give hand-me-downs some street cred. In fact, we're fairly certain there's not a single prop in this video post 1988.

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