New Pixar Short ‘La Luna’ Now Available Online: Watch It Here!

Published:1:30 pm EDT, November 4, 2012| Updated:2:02 pm EDT, November 4, 2012|

La Luna - Pixar by Spi0n

PIXAR, who is known for infusing gorgeous animated tales with heartfelt themes that appeal to adults and children alike, are the spiritual predecessors to Daul-ism and Suess-ism.

While creating that child-like wonder of their ancestral ties, their animated magic have allowed their stories to grow closer to viewers' hearts with a warmth that generates from their motion pictures in the form of sun-rays that grasp their illuminated fingers around one's stunted innocence. La Luna is no different.

It first premiered as a precursor to their recent film Brave, but it's just now hitting the web for your viewing pleasure. Do yourself a favor and let that childish wonder grab you for just a few moments, in the only way a Pixar film can.

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