‘Deadfall’ Heats Up Screen With Olivia Wilde and Eric Bana

Published:9:32 am EDT, August 16, 2012| Updated:9:32 am EDT, August 16, 2012|

Siblings Addison and Liza, played by Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde, are on the lam with unaccounted loot from a botched casino job, when their car collides with the holiday homecoming of a troubled ex-boxer. From the ominous trailer, set in the dead of winter, it looks to be one hell of a ride with twists and turns, a psychological, action packed thriller. It costars film legend heavyweights, Sissy Spacek, Kris Kristofferson, and Treat Williams. Hollywood newcomer, Kate Mara, also co-stars as a cop who uncovers the dirty deeds of the sister/brother duo. It is slated to arrive in theaters on December 7.

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