Heroes of Camelot: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

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Heroes of Camelot

Heroes of Camelot is the latest card battling RPG to include elements of fantasy and medieval tales. Dragons, elves and human soldiers dwell in this cool fantasy realm that's packed with tons of quests and loot.

Taking your cards into battle means building the perfect deck and keeping tabs on your Mana/Stamina. Becoming successful at the game also entails engaging in Arena events and enhancing/evolving your deck. The too 10 tips/tricks/cheats we're going to provide you will make your questing in Camelot way more easier and way more fun.

Enter Camelot...and become a HERO!

1. Balance Your Deck Accordingly; Don't Use Too Many Strong Cards

Heroes of Camelot

The key to completing quests is making sure to travel with a balanced deck of cards. When you do get a good number of powerful cards, don't overload your deck with them. Use a few of them when you're questing. Taking most or all of your powerful cards out into the questing field will bring your Mana count down even faster. It takes a lot of Mana to maintain strong cards, so you'll have a hard time during battles since you'll have to recharge most of the time.

2. So How Much Time Before My Stamina and Mana Refills?

Mana is required to bring some of your acquired cards into battle, while Stamina is required to keep engaging in quests. Your Mana and Stamina will refill automatically once you level up, which is a nice bonus. When you're not leveling up, your Mana will refill at a rate of one minute while your Stamina will refill once every three minutes.

3. Hit Up The Arena From Time to Time

Heroes of Camelot Tips Tricks

The Arena is a cool spot that lets all players get involved in some special events. You'll unlock The Arena after a certain point/area, so it won't be available immediately. Keep on questing so you can get your hands on some Arena tickets. Perform strongly in those Arena events and you'll earn even more awesome loot.

4. Try to Evolve Your Cars to the Maximum Level

Heroes of Camelot Tips

WriterParty.com knows it pays off immensely when you upgrade your cards to their maximum level:

Usually, cards will have four stages of evolution, which really isn't worth much if you don't max-level them, but if you do max-level them, you can end up with EXTREMELY powerful cards. With "e" being the card, e1 + e1 = e2. e2 + e2 = e3, and e3 + e3 = e4. So as you can see, it takes quite a few sacrificed e1 cards to get that maximum evolution card.

5. Level Up Rare Cards More than Common Cards

Heroes of Camelot Cheats

WriterParty.com also provided some information on maximizing the potential of rare cards:

Even then, for all of that work, the cards won’t end up being any more powerful than a good 3-star or 4-star card. The max level, max evolution thing is really only worth it if you don’t have a good deck loaded with rare cards. If you do, then level your rare cards as high as you can, and if you get lucky enough to get a duplicate, then evolve them when they hit max level.

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