Pikmin 3: Game Trailers and Gameplay Videos You Need to See

Published:4:12 pm EDT, May 31, 2013| Updated:4:47 pm EDT, August 7, 2013|

Pikmin 3
Hit up this game trailers/gameplay videos page for the Wii U's potential game of the year - Pikmin 3.

Wii U - Pikmin 3 E3 2012 Trailer

Wii U - Pikmin 3 Game Guide w/Krysta

Wii U - Pikmin 3 E3 2013 Trailer

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Wii U - Pikmin 3: Get to Know Pikmin Types

Wii U - Pikmin 3: Get to Know the Explorers

Wii U - Pikmin 3 Introduction Video

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