The Top 5 Best Bingo Players Songs

Published:3:05 pm EDT, December 18, 2013| Updated:3:05 pm EDT, December 18, 2013|

In memory of Paul Baumer, here are 5 of Bingo Players biggest & best hits. Our hearts go out to all the dance fans out there and particularly to his partner and the other half of Bingo Players, Maarten Hoogstraten.

1. Rattle

While Bingo Players biggest commercial success added The Far East Movement's vocals (and awful whistling) to this track, the original banger is a knockout and more true to their electro-house spirit. Ominous chords build into a perky bass-line that just won't let the party die.

2. Disco Electrique (With Chocolate Puma)

While not fitting into their later more aggressive electro sound, this 2008 track stands the test of time. The thin beginning builds slowly with sexy, brash female vox into a simple and groovy, clean bass sound. Very house and very fresh.


3. Buzzcut

Starting off minimally, this tune builds into a happy staccato synth-line, and explodes into an extremely analog-sounding bassline. Evocative of German techno star, Boys Noize, this is a great Bingo Players song for its flawless minimalism and blasting dynamics, defining features of the group's later work.

4. Mode

One of the more melodic Bingo Players' songs, the vibrato heavy lead line plays a simple, major melody and buzzes happily at the end, into a sweet, beeping build-up. This one stands out because of its addicting hook and excellent chords. It's a stand out as well since it relies less on the bass line for the drop, but focuses on the addicting lead instead.

5. Touch Me (With Chocolate Puma)

This light-hearted sounding disco sounding tune is another classic collabo with Cholate Puma. The vocals accentuate a pulsing, simple lead line evocative of LCD Soundsystem.

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