WATCH: Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Drink Beer & Read ‘Felina’ for the First Time

Published:4:11 pm EDT, September 30, 2013| Updated:4:17 pm EDT, September 30, 2013|

Sony just released this clip of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul drinking beer at Cranston's house and getting primed to read, for the first time, the script for last night's epic Breaking Bad series finale, titled "Felina."

"It's March 10, 2013," Cranston says as he sets the scene. "... We're reading the last episode of Breaking Bad. We haven't read it yet. ... And we're having beer."

Paul, after burying his face into the script in despair, says: "I'm so unbelievably depressed that this is happening right now."

The clip is an excerpt from a documentary included in the new Breaking Bad box set, due out on November 26.

Pre-order here:

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