‘The Good Dinosaur’ Cast Announced: Neil Patrick Harris, Bill Hader & John Lithgow

Published:3:09 pm EDT, August 9, 2013| Updated:5:57 pm EDT, August 9, 2013|

the good dinosaur cast

Disney and Pixar just released some exciting new information on their upcoming film, The Good Dinosaur.

And, according to Slash Film the cast for the film has finally been chosen. These are the celebrities whose voices will be featured: John Lithgow will play the father, Frances McDormand will play the mother, Bill Hader and Neil Patrick Harris will play brothers "Forrest" and "Cliff," Judy Greer will play "Ivy," and Lucas Neff will play the lead character "Arlo." Sounds like a great team!

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According to the source, the 3-D computer animated plot of the film will be based on the "asteroid" theory said to have destroyed the existence of dinosaurs — questioning: what would have happened if the asteroid never hit planet earth? Maybe we'll never really know, but the creative comedy is bound to give us a good look at what could have happened. Variety adds, the dinosaurs are all farmers in the film, And, they can talk and co-exist with humans... So, this should be interesting.

Stay tuned for the premiere of The Good Dinosaur and check out the trailer below:

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