WATCH: LeBron James Almost Gets Decapitated by Overpass

Published:6:25 am EDT, June 25, 2013| Updated:8:51 am EDT, June 25, 2013|

LeBron James was nearly decapitated on Monday morning after the Miami Heat Victory parade took the champions, who were standing on top of a double-decker, through a route filled with low-hanging overpasses.

As the Miami Heat celebrated their second consecutive NBA championship with a parade through South Beach, LeBron waved to fans on the street from atop a double-decker bus. The route quickly turned into an obstacle course as the bus proceeded to go through three consecutive overpasses that had a 14-foot-6 clearance. LeBron James, who stands 6-foot-8, and company had to duck to avoid nearly getting their heads chopped off. When the final overpass comes, LeBron turns away and ducks at the last moment, just missing getting whacked.

Check it out!

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