Chris Brown Dangles Hot Fan’s Sweaty Thong — She Insists It’s Not Used

Published:2:19 pm EDT, June 26, 2013| Updated:7:33 pm EDT, June 26, 2013|
Chris Brown

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As reported by TMZ, Chris Brown got a sexy (and apparently sweaty) surprise from a fan during his last concert! Fanatic fangirl Carol Quiroz professed her love for the singer by catching his attention through the crowd and handing him a bundle of her finest lingerie. He took it, too!

Looks like the clever girl, who's apparently a beauty too, got her effort's worth. The only problem was, Carol told the media, she may have let the panties soak in her boob sweat a little too long. Some hiding place! It's okay Carol, we girls have all been there.

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Good thing Carol is smart and beautiful! She left her name, number, and Instagram inside the panties for Chris to find! It looks like Chris Brown's dreams may have been answered.

Check out Chris' live reaction to Carol's panty-toss from TMZ below!

You can also click here for the full story at TMZ.

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