Amanda Bynes is Faking It: Admits Twitter Rants Are “All An Act”

Published:2:56 pm EDT, June 14, 2013| Updated:2:56 pm EDT, June 14, 2013|
Amanda Bynes

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After a strange texting conversation between Amanda Bynes and her publicist Jonathan Jaxson, he sent this tweet out to clear up the rumors about Amanda's "craziness":

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According to, this was their conversation:


All this has been an act and you know it! I am an actress and know what I am doing.


Seriously? I mean don't you know drugs were a part of it and you may also have something mentally wrong?


I got to 2 million followers and now everyone wants me. I am smart and not stupid. Everyone mentions my name. The world loves me!


Amanda you really must just watch what you say, that is my only advice. You are discriminating and have people very worried!


Just wait and the world will see!


Ok. Just want you to be well! I am always here...



What do you think? Was Amanda faking it the whole time?

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