Dancing With The Stars: 5/6/13 Live Blog

Published:7:57 pm EDT, May 6, 2013| Updated:12:19 am EDT, May 7, 2013|
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Looking forward to lots of spinning tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

Zendaya's Lost In Translation... We'll see how things go tonight!

Here we go! 8:00pm

Trio Night! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!! 8:01pm

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... 8:01pm

Just can't get enough Hough. 8:02pm

Don't worry be happy.... I'd be happy wrapped up in Val's sexiness. 8:04pm

Yawn. That was cute. 8:05pm

There's our Carrie Ann. Check out our brand new article on her here: http://www.heavy.com/entertainment/2013/05/dwts-carrie-ann-inaba-top-10/

A Ten From Len!!!!!!!!!! But 9's from the others?! Wow. 8:09pm

Here's a fun fact on star Mark Ballas while you wait during the commercial break.


Yay! Sean caught the bouquet. 8:14pm

Yikes. I duno about those harem pants on Peta. 8:15pm

Lowe's a runaway bride... 8:16pm

Uh oh. 8:17pm

A little bit ugly huh... 8:18pm

Good thing Sean ran from that altar.. 8:23pm

Lovin' Jacoby's Loud-mouth Mama!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8:25pm

Uh oh.... here comes the abs... 8:27pm

I think Len's been drinkin' out of Bruno's cup tonight. 8:29pm

Scores after the break. 8:30pm

9's Across The Board for Jacoby. 8:34pm

Pulling for Ingo and Kym. 8:35pm

Too Funny. 8:42pm

Not bad. 24 for Ingo. 8:45pm

YAYYYYY DEREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8:45pm

Aw... I love Kellie... 8:47pm

LOVE this song... so amazing. "Fade Into You." 8:48pm

Derek and Kellie look like a fairytale amidst the smoke and white... 8:49pm

Bruno... pot calling the kettle? 8:49pm

Yes, Zendaya... it must be just awful sitting in between Val and Sean on that couch... 8:51pm

Kellie and Derek tied with Zendaya and Val. 8:55pm

Sexy Time on DWTS. 8:56pm

Yowza steamy on that table.... 8:57pm

And Aly and Mark take the lead with 29! 9:01pm

Just for giggles. 9:02pm

Val and Gleb.... Hmm, wouldn't mind bein' the meat in that sandwich. 9:03pm

Wow, really fantastic. 9:04pm

Underwear models.... Bruno, stop reading my thoughts. 9:05pm

Happy Birthday to Host Tom and dancer Cheryl Burke! 9:07pm

Randomness on DWTS 9:10pm

Lovin' the red on Peta and Sharna... 9:12pm

OMG...What was that move they made poor Sean do? 9:14pm

Hang in there.... Hangin' Lowe... 9:20pm

Let's see if Cheryl and Karina make Jacoby their b*tch tonight. 9:22pm

Jacoby's trio dance is seriously fierce. 9:24pm

Just an FYI


The Judges are seriously energetic tonight.... 9:26pm

Len's the high scoring judge for a change. 9:31pm

Lindsay and Kym really make me want cotton candy right now. 9:34pm

Can't wait for the Derek trio... 9:37pm

Is Kellie wearing the same dress for this dance as she did for the first? 9:42pm

Ooh, scary.... okay, now we see the costume change. 9:43pm

Loving the intensity of the orchestra!!!! 9:44pm

What is Len smoking... Bi-Polar judging.... 9:46pm

Holy Sh*t Len! 10-7-10?! 9:48pm

Hit the road... 9:54pm

And that's all...

Check out the highlights from tonight here: http://www.heavy.com/?p=390530

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