The Angry Beyonce Photos Her Publicist Doesn’t Want the World to See

Published:12:21 pm EDT, February 6, 2013| Updated:10:06 am EDT, February 13, 2013|

So Beyonce's publicist sent an email to Buzzfeed asking them not to publish certain photos of the R&B/Pop superstar, because well, Beyonce has to look 100% sexy 24/7 and these photos are anything but. Of course Buzzfeed published the photos, the world needs to see the fierce side of Sasha Fierce.

email to buzzfeed

beyonce looking too fierce

"Beyonce angry!"

beyonce looking too fierce

"Beyonce power thrust!"

beyonce looking too fierce

"Beyonce dry heaving?!"

beyonce mad

"Beyonce fierce!"

beyonce fierce

Beyonce smash!"

beyonce angry

"Nobody anger Sasha Fierce!"

beyonce halftime

"Somebody gonna die!"

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