20 Cute Dogs Stuck in a Tight Spot

Published:11:52 am EDT, January 23, 2013| Updated:1:10 pm EDT, January 23, 2013|

stuck dogs cover

These pooches have the curiosity of a cat, which is exactly how they managed to get themselves stuck in such a tight situation. Will these pups ever be free to chase another ball? Lets hope so!

car dog

"Just roll down the window already, purdy pwease!"

catdoor dog

Cat doors aren't for pooches.

cheeseball head dog

Just like Honey Boo Boo, dogs can't resist cheeseballs either.

chill dog

No rush, just chillin' out.

chip head dog

Must have the last chip crumbs!

diet pepsi head dog

"Who drank the last Diet Pepsi?"

dog stuck

"Honey, there's another puppy stuck in the gate."

dog in blinds

It's hard to flee the scene of a crime when you're stuck.

fishbowl head dog

"This is just so embarrassing."

garbage dog

"The trashcan was knocked over? Huh, I hadn't noticed."

gate puppy

Puppies and gates just don't mix.

milk head dog

This is just his morning routine.

pot head dog

What a pothead.

squishface dog

"How's my face look now?"

stuck in a swing dog

"Um, I could use a push please."

dog threesome stuck in door

"Me first!"

tube head dog

"Excuse me, what are you looking at?"


How did this sort of thing even happen?

can head dog

Doing the can-can.

freedom dog


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