Woman’s Boob Explodes After 4 Hours Playing iPhone Game

Published:3:36 pm EDT, June 25, 2013| Updated:3:59 pm EDT, June 25, 2013|


According to breitbart.com a woman's poor quality breast implant burst after she lay on her tummy playing the iPhone game "Dragon Summon" for 4 hours. Various media outlets are claiming that she got the implant to raise her self-esteem. The cheap-os who apparently installed the implant have reportedly begun fitting their implants with "extra padding" to prevent similar problems in the future.

Some are noting that she may achieved a personal high score on the game.

We couldn't resist from writing the following paragraph of NOT TRUE things that we thought were funny.

"I didn't think those implants were the worst of the lot, but they certainly didn't seem to be the breast" reported the husband. Not surprisingly, her doctor is reportedly a real boob.

Meanwhile, the creators of Dragon Summon have decided to run with the story urging fans to keep abreast with future updates. Finally, the makers of Fruit Ninja commented on the story saying "wow, we thought our game was about destroying melons."

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