10 Classic Paintings of Women Featuring Ke$ha Lyrics

Published:1:07 pm EDT, March 1, 2013| Updated:10:32 am EDT, March 4, 2013|

Ke$ha is widely considered to be the worst lyricist ever, at least according to most scientists. It's not really the fact that popular songs are all about partying, drinking, and getting laid, it's that virtually ALL of her songs are about college mentality "raging." The best we can say about Ke$ha is that at least she's an empowered female, and well, that's really the only good thing to say. We don't deny that her tunes are catchy (while putting this together, we had an inexplicable urge to listen to Die Young on repeat), but wow, she really is awful with words. Now, we'd like to say that putting her lyrics over classic paints of some pretty oppressed looking females is a modern commentary on female rights and the advance of "The Other Sex," but in all truthfulness, it's just a really contrasting combination that makes us giggle like we drank a bottle of Jack for breakfast*.

Note: Do not try this, it will make you throw up on your mom's rug.




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