FAIL: Idiots of Ink Show Off Their Misspelled Tattoos

Published:10:40 pm EDT, February 18, 2013| Updated:10:23 am EDT, February 21, 2013|

The face tattoo may hold top rank in the spectrum of tattoo fails, but there's a special place in the moron circle for the misspelled tattoo. Nothing says "careless idiot" quite like a well placed tattoo typo. If life was a spelling bee, these folks would be knocked out in the first round.

comment, tattoo fail


crazy beatifull, tattoo fail

Beauty fades, stupidity doesn't.

not awsome, tattoo fail

Keep telling yourself that.

extrem, tattoo fail

You don't even need to be able to read when you're this "EXREME!"

it's get better, tattoo fail

Sadly, for this person it probably doesn't.

juge me, tattoo fail

Nope. Everyone is going to "juge" you. Sucks, huh?

never dont give up

Don't never quit stop, kids!

regret nohing, tattoo fail

Actually, this is EXACTLY the type of thing you should regret.

sweet pee, tattoo fail

Ah, it was supposed to be "sweet pea." Congrats on confusing people and grossing them out at the same time.

too dumb, tattoo fail

Too dumb to spell.

How to Fix a Bad Tattoo
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