WATCH: Manti Te’o Interview with Katie Couric Has Now Become an Amazing Auto-tune

Published:10:00 am EDT, January 29, 2013| Updated:10:18 am EDT, January 29, 2013|

"Why? Why, Manti? Why lie?"

Manti Te'o sat down with the friendlier version of Barbara Walters last week, Katie Couric, to discuss his fake girlfriend scandal. So of course it's become an auto-tune jam. The Katie/ Manti duet first verse is good enough, but the real standout is Manti's father. Channeling Coolio, Manti's dad spits out rhymes like...

"Believe me, I woulda whooped his ass so tenderly... she was so beautiful and they broke out into song just like a Disney musical."

It gets the seriousness of the situation across, but maintains the innocence of a confused young man with the Disney reference. Brilliant.

manti, napoleon dynamite

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