WATCH: Conan and Ricky Gervais Strip Down to Take a Man Bath Together

Published:11:11 am EDT, January 10, 2013| Updated:11:16 am EDT, January 10, 2013|

Nothing to see here, just two men stripping down to make some man-stew in the bathtub together. Ricky Gervais visited Conan to stir things up and eventually the conversation got around to Ricky's personal bath photos - disturbing. That's when the tub rolled out and not one to back down from a challenge, Conan went fully monty into the tub with Ricky.

If you're going to get an edge over the late night talk show host competition, sometimes you've just got to engage in bath time with another man. Rub a dub dub, Coco and Ricky in the tub.

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