WATCH: 10 Shocking Videos of Black Friday Mob Violence

Published:12:14 pm EDT, November 19, 2012| Updated:12:14 pm EDT, November 19, 2012|

Americans love a sale, and no day holds better nationwide deals than the Friday after Thanksgiving. It's become a kind of creepy, retail-driven holiday. Most of the time people are relatively civil, waiting in long lines, sometimes even camping out. Saving 20 bucks on an Xbox 360 is totally worth it. But occasionally, and it happens in a few places every year, people act stupid. Here are a 10 videos of civilization at its very worst.

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Shameless Trampling

A man screams as shoppers step on him and run by.

Electronics Worth Fighting For

A mob in Georgia competes for electronics, eventually causing a fight somewhere in the crowd.

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Anything For A New Shirt

A huge crowd rushes an Urban Outfitters before the gates are even up.

Memory Card Mob

This one starts off (kind of) normal... and then people start fighting like rabid rats over memory cards.

People Risk Life And Limb

Yeah, discounts are definitely worth risking a death by crushing at a Target.

Everyone For Themselves
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Multiple people claim the same child-size toy convertible car. Maybe they're just really afraid of disappointing their daughters.

Serious Holiday Stress

There's no real explanation as to why this Black Friday shopper loses it, but she is super pissed.

Another angle on the Urban Outfitters mob.

Tech Products Make People Act Crazy

People scramble for electronics at a Walmart in Florida.

Black Friday Compilation
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A compilation of Black Friday mayhem. Check out the beginning where zombies, I mean people, attempt to break in.

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