Klingon Style: The Best ‘Gangnam Style’ Parodies Go Star Trek

Published:6:53 pm EDT, September 29, 2012| Updated:9:54 pm EDT, September 29, 2012|

Ok, so this is excessively nerdy, but it's also hilarious. Was your problem with "Gangnam Style" that you couldn't understand the Korean lyrics? Well, this parody isn't for you. Instead of not being able to understand Korean, now you won't be able to understand Klingon.

Actually, for all the parodies, this one is closest to the original video, yet it seems to capture some of the wild insanity for itself.

Look, I may be a nerd, but I don't know anything about Star Trek. So, I'm coming at this thing as an outsider as well and I can't stop watching.

We all knew this was coming, so just enjoy the next level of the "Gangnam Style" parody's evolution.

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