Top Comedy Videos of the Week: Honey Boo Boo and Killer Puppies

Published:6:00 pm EDT, August 10, 2012| Updated:3:46 pm EDT, August 13, 2012|
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TLC is taking Alana, the viral sensation from Toddlers and Tiaras, and giving her her own TV show. Television has officially died.

This kids debat team is about to find out the hard way not to challenge the brain power of Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. Their precious IQs aren’t even ready for this.

Idiots Walking Into Stuff: Everybody Hurts
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Walking into stuff. We all do it. We all hate it. Not only does walking headfirst into a wall of glass make you feel like the biggest idiot in the world, but wrapping your mouth around a signpost on the street causes an excruciating amount of pain. Luckily seeing other people do this causes an excruciating amount of joy, so in the grand scheme of things it evens out.

michael bay
Michael Bay Has a Kickstarter Dream
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With a little help from you and Kicstarter, Michael Bay will be able to make his shallow action movie, and continue to bang pretty extras on the set. Pledge a $1 and get a personal email from Michael Bay. Pledge a $100 million and you'll get a DVD copy of the movie. Sounds like a sweet deal, huh? C'mon now, don't be a cheapskate.

puppy sharks
Animals Acting Like Sharks Week
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Are you ready for blood and carnage in the water? Shark Week kicks off its annual feeding frenzy this weekend, so of course the Internet is going to offer its own send-up of the popular franchise. We just didn't expect it to be man-eating puppies and kittens. Actually, we probably should have seen this coming a mile away, given the web's love affair with cats and all. That being said, don't go in the backyard alone...

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