Electric Shock Love Necklace Keeps Infidelity at Bay

Published:4:11 pm EDT, August 21, 2012| Updated:4:11 pm EDT, August 21, 2012|

Love is a tricky thing, how does one hold on to it and make sure their spouse doesn't feel the temptation to stray? With 10,000 volts of electricity coursing through a stunning necklace, that's how.

The Electric Shock Love Necklace takes the same technology used for dog shock collars and classes it up for the special lady in your life. You can rest assured that even the slightest temptation to cheat will be met with a painful electric shock, and she'll still look glamorous during those body convulsions.

Not that women are the only ones who cheat, I'm sure we can look forward to some kind of shocking device for the husband as well. Cuff links or a swanky wristwatch perhaps.

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