These Go to 11 Awards: Top Animation Videos

Published:7:33 am EDT, December 28, 2011| Updated:1:06 pm EDT, December 20, 2011|

These Go to 11 Awards: Top Animation Videos

A talking mutant fist, apes tripping on psychedelics, hip-hop rhyming ponies and one dude who's seriously pissed off about the end of Movember. It's our animation blow out of the year and it just may warp your mind beyond repair.

Flying Lotus “Kill Your Co-Workers”
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We all knew one day the robots would rise up, rip off our arms, and play soccer with our heads. Flying Lotus gives us the soundtrack for animator Beeple's vision.

MegaMan’s Dilemma
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MegaMan is having a bad day. Make that a very, very bad day.

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I'm not going to try and explain this animated short too much, let's just say this dude is really pissed off at a pinata and his entire body happens to be a fist. You could say he's got anger issues.

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