“Unicorn Being A Jerk” Book Review

Published:7:32 am EDT, November 18, 2011| Updated:11:59 am EDT, November 18, 2011|

Trapper Keeper graphics and ribbon dancing ensembles would lead you to believe that unicorns are noble and majestic creatures, just waiting to whisk you away to some cotton candy filled utopia. That couldn't be further from the truth. Illustrator C.W. Moss is shedding some light on what complete dicks these mystical beasts really are. Moss is quick to point out in his debut release Unicorn Being A Jerk, that this spawn of Satan's urethra has no bounds to the level of douchebaggery of which it's capable.

Unicorn Being A Jerk offers readers a humorous and often dark glimpse into the devious lives of these horse freaks through 55 colorful illustrations and accompanying captions detailing just how rude and flat out nasty unicorns can be.

"Photocopying his rear end."

Based on Moss's cult internet comic series, the book of twisted illustrations is sure to make you laugh at the sheer stupidity of a unicorn kicking over children's sand castles, feeding pigs bacon, or ratting out illegal immigrants.

"Clubbing baby seals."

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that this just may be the perfect coffee table book for that special Dungeons and Dragons / Magic the Gathering / Final Fantasy person in your life. Assuming they have a sense of humor, of course.

"Denying the Holocaust."

Let's face it, unicorns are jerks and they're hilarious. Pick up the book here.

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