The 20 Worst Saturday Morning Cartoons

Published:7:32 am EDT, April 14, 2011| Updated:4:17 pm EDT, July 13, 2011|

The Rosey And Buddy Show - America's television geniuses tried to make a cartoon about a young Roseanne Barr not once but twice. Seriously, this reads like somebody lost a bet- "Man, I dare you to either drink this entire bottle of Tabasco sauce without throwing up or produce a full-length cartoon about Roseanne and Tom Arnold as kids." Watch this clip and you'll wish he'd taken the Tabasco.

Rickety Rocket - What could possibly be offensive about an African-American family that traveled through space in a barely functional brown rocket with gigantic lips? I'm surprised the sensitivity geniuses at Ruby-Spears didn't make the damn thing run on watermelon juice.

Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos - Hey, Internet? Shut up about Chuck Norris. He's just a dude with some good facial hair who did OK at karate and starred in some bad movies. He's not the second coming of Bill Brasky or anything. Especially with this atrocious 80s cartoon, which paired him up with some racially diverse stereotypes to clumsily combat international terrorism.

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